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  • WHISPER-Ultrasonic-Leak-Detector - Inficon - Southern Cross - Products
    WHISPER-Ultrasonic-Leak-Detector - Inficon - Southern Cross - Products

    Whisper® Ultrasonic Leak Detector

    The Whisper® Ultrasonic Leak Detector is ideal for detecting and locating ultrasonic frequencies generated when the following common situations occur:

    • leaks of any gas under pressure or vacuum
    • electrical arcing
    • worn bearings and machinery
    • malfunctions in steam traps
    • leaking seals
  • Hydrogen Leak Detector - Sensitor XRS9012 - Southern Cross - Products

    Sensistor XRS9012 Hydrogen Leak Detector

    The Sensistor XRS9012 Hydrogen Leak Detector is a fast, reliable, and robust instrument for utility leak detection.


    • The Sensistor XRS9012 offers quick leak detection through high and adjustable sensitivity, providing reliable detection every time
    • Quick charging capabilities (5 minutes on car charger for 20 minutes of operation)
    • Lightweight, heavy-duty design and waterproof aluminum casing (IP55)
    • Very short recovery time, quick start-up, and automatic shut off when idle



  • Pipehorn 800-H

    The Pipehorn Series 800-H V#MD820

    Superior high frequency (480 kHz) performance. The Pipehorn 800-H is the best tool in the industry when direct connect is not possible, and on the toughest conductors: coated iron pipes with insulated joints, unenergized power (street/parking lot lights), worn-out tracer tape & wire, short side services & stub-outs, concentric neutrals, and fiber. Nothing sweeps areas for un-marked utilities like a Pipehorn.



  • Maghorn Magnetic Locator
    Maghorn Magnetic Locator - Inside

    Maghorn Magnetic Locator

    Maghorn Magnetic Locator is the ideal tool for locating and pinpointing buried ferrous objects. The Maghorn is designed for easy use, even in difficult areas where shrubs, underbrush, and weeds are in the way.


    • Continuously variable sensitivity control
    • One control and one-hand operation
    • Lightweight and compact
    • Cast aluminum body with a durable waterproof probe



  • Pipehorn 800-HL

    The Pipehorn Series 800-HL V#MD840

    The Pipehorn Series 800-HL is a state-of-the-art, dual-frequency, pipe and cable locating system designed for the professional with complex locating jobs. It is a carefully engineered, precision instrument designed to provide simultaneous conductive transmission of both high (480 kHz) and low (9 kHz) for congested areas and for long-distance locates. 


    • Material: SCC:RUT.840
    • Part Number: RUT.840