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Learn about the latest advancements in artificial intelligence-driven geospatial analytics solutions specifically tailored for the utility sector. Discover how these innovative technologies can revolutionize your operations and decision-making processes.

Solving Our Utility Partners' Most Pressing Field Challenges.

Southern Cross has partnered with Satelytics to provide our gas, electric, and water utility customers with satellite-based data services. By combining the power of Satelytics' AI-powered geospatial analytics platform and algorithms with Southern Cross’ field services expertise, we are able to provide solutions for early detection, location, and quantification of some of the most pressing challenges that utilities face today.

Satelytics' algorithms use artificial intelligence to keep a vigilant watch over your assets, alerting you to conditions outside your operating integrity window. Pressing industrial challenges could include liquid leaks, land movement, methane emissions and flows, chemical contamination, risk-inducing changes due to wildfires, and many more.

Satelytics AI-powered algorithms provide early detection and alerts with specifics to location and severity, minimize risk, avoid escalating costs and impacts on the environment, and minimize the toll of public exposure. Satelytics directs you to the source with specificity, saving time, and money, and ensuring valuable resources go where they are needed the most. Finding events in their infancy, locating the source, and determining the extent of the risks are all critical steps in avoiding or minimizing costly consequences, including loss of products or services. Almost all corrective and remediation costs involve large sums of money and escalate dramatically if no early action is taken.  Southern Cross can provide additional and optional field services for further investigation on the ground and provide concise reporting based on field investigation of the events.

How Satelytics' Services Benefit Your Organization.

Early detection and alerts with specifics about location and severity minimize risk, avoid escalating costs and impacts on the environment, and lessen the toll of public exposure. Satelytics directs you to the source with specificity, saving time and money, then directs valuable resources to where their expertise is critical to resolution. Southern Cross can provide incremental resources to augment Satelytics' findings and provide resources for further field investigations.

The Satelytics Algorithm

The Satelytics Algorithms

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The Satelytics Suite

Our suite of algorithms extracts maximum business intelligence from a single set of data. By running our AI-powered algorithms simultaneously, vexing problems across various business units are solved.


Oil & Gas

Monitor methane emissions, monitor remediation programs for regulatory compliance, and identify contamination risks.


Monitor thousands of miles of right-of-way for signs of trouble. Spot pipeline leaks early, measure land movement, and identify encroachments.

Power Utilities

Monitor thousands of miles of transmission corridor for vegetation management, monitor post-combustion waste sites, and visualize thermal plumes near power stations.

Water Utilities

Sample entire bodies of water at once for a variety of chemical and biological species, monitor green infrastructure, and see point sources on land that threaten water resources.


Assess tree speciation, tree height, and overall tree health to optimize harvest and afforestation.


Monitor tailings ponds and piles for acid rock drainage, dam condition, and land movement. Assess seasonal and process-related pond chemistry changes.

How it Works

Satelytics is agnostic to the data source and sensor platform used, analyzing petabytes of multispectral and hyperspectral data from a variety of sources, illustrated below, using complex artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to isolate spectral signatures within the pixels of the imagery. The use of AI means that with more data, our algorithms continue to increase in intelligence and accuracy. Detection algorithms then render this data into interactive displays, alerts, and visualizations for our customers, via our AWS cloud-based platform, satelytics.io. There are no user license fees, data is never deleted, and each customer may utilize satelytics.io on any form factor — desktop, tablet, and smartphone.


The traditional survey approach is to walk all services from meter to meter and find that there are no leaks 90% of the time. The Satelytics AI-powered platform surveys large swaths of the natural gas infrastructure and identifies areas where there are no leaks and areas where there are potential leaks. This means that further ground investigations only need to center around these coordinates. Southern Cross uses these spatial coordinates of possible leak locations to dispatch its technicians for further ground investigations and complete the leak survey procedures. All other areas need not be investigated, saving valuable resources and time.

Methane Measurement



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Solving our
utility partners' most pressing
field challenges.