Now more than ever, using videos as a marketing tool is crucial to establishing your company’s visual identity and connecting with customers. Rising in popularity with social media, videos are consumed by millions on a daily basis, rushing companies to find solutions. Southern Cross utilizes a dedicated in-house video producer, which is not only useful but cost-effective as well. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages in-house video production offers.


Producing videos in-house will help you meet a consistent demand for content and gives you the chance to have full creative control, allowing you to get every detail to match your vision. Knowledge of past videos and a deep understanding of your brand will come into play when you have employees who have grown with the company over the years. Also, internal teams that work together on a daily basis are generally more efficient than outside contractors.



Creating your own video production team eliminates the back and forth you have to go through with external parties, as well as unnecessary meetings or wait times for updates. Additionally, overseeing the entire video production process allows you to generate videos when you need them. If inspiration strikes or a new social trend arises, your team can create a great video in no time.


Faster turnarounds mean more content. When you’re committed to using video in your business and have plans to produce content regularly over a long period of time, keeping your video production in-house will prove to be very beneficial. Having all of your employees, tools and ideas in one place will cut downtime in each step of the production process, allowing you to generate videos as often as needed. Here at Southern Cross, we utilize our team to create a wide array of videos for our target audience including sales videos, product enhancements, training & onboarding, employee spotlights, realistic job descriptions and more.



Initially, equipment cost and hiring employees will seem expensive. However, consistently hiring freelancers or agencies adds up quickly and over time can become even more costly. The formula to get the most value is simple: The more videos you produce in-house, the less each video will cost. The initial investments will pay off for years to come as your team continues to create new content.

As more clients are engaging with brands through different outlets, developing your own in-house video team can be one of the smartest investments you make; but only if the company culture and workload supports it. The payoff will come as you implement, track, and refine your video strategies to resonate with the people who matter the most: customers.

Justin Custodio | Media Production Coordinator

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